Easily fix buffer overruns!

Has your project ever been bitten by hard-to-track down buffer overruns?

Have you ever wanted to be able to just ignore buffer overruns and make them a thing of the past?

Are you ok with wasting memory to work around this problem? 1

Well, your wish has now been answered, thanks to malloc-extra!

This handy little shared library will allocate a trailing amount of buffer space for every allocation, ensuring that your pesky buffer overruns will just land in safely unused and reserved space.

malloc-extra simply uses some dynamic library magic to intercept every malloc, calloc, and realloc your program will call, and just request slightly more space than the original requester was chasing. From the point of view of the caller of these functions - they don’t know this extra space exists, meaning that it can be a transparent fix to already compiled programs!

MALLOC_EXTRA_DEBUG=1 MALLOC_EXTRA=100 LD_PRELOAD=./malloc-extra.so ./test

  1. NB: This is a joke, obviously, while this library does do what is says on the tin, please don’t use this to actually ‘fix’ anything in production. 

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